I miss blogging so much! I can't believe it's been a few months since my last blog post. I am so sorry. Not sure if I still have readers, but hey, it's another opportunity to start blogging once again and meet new people. Blogging has always been a great hobby of mine since 2004. and it's a wonderful outlet for venting out my frustrations. The past year has been a whirlwind, the reason why I stuck to writing stories. Writing is the best way to express yourself. It's an art. You can do whatever you want with it. So now I am totally back, for good.

If you're a silent reader and want to say HI, by all means, please, you are free to say Hi. :) I promise I don't bite. People have always been so intimidated by me, and I don't know why, to be honest? I swear, I'm the nicest person! So don't be shy and say HI! (hey, that rhymes)



Check it out

So I'm writing stories now on a site called Wattpad under the pseudonym Katie Cruz. I've been writing since January 2011 on another writing site then around March 2011, I transferred to Wattpad.


Love reading Romance?

Please check out my high school romance novel. :) It's got 10 more chapters to go. So if you like reading humor and romance, please give it a go!

Between You And Me


Picture me!

Some love them, some don't.

Let's face it, character pics aren't the greatest. They usually ruin the perfect images etched in our mind. When we pick up a book, we somehow manage to mold a picture everytime we meet a character. Same with movies, when we see the main male character being introduced in the trailer, you'd be like 'Wait, that's (insert hot guy character here)? @$&@ ! He's supposed to be HAWT!"

I remember back in booksie, when I first started I didn't know why people were so crazy over character pictures, so I actually did it for fun as well right until I got a few messages saying they don't agree with my choices (and they start suggesting celebs). Even when I first started posting on Wattpad, one girl said I needed to remove my character list because that's not how she imagined them. I removed them a few hours later because I gave it some thought. Then a few weeks later, I brought them back. I figured, hey - this is my story, I can do whatever I please.

I respect people's opinions since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but they also need to respect the author for doing that. Some people are very rude when it comes to stating their opinions. I mean, come on! If you hate it so much, then I suggest you go somewhere else. Plain simple.

When I read a book and see character pictures after, believe it or not, those original images in my head remains the same. Somehow, I can control it.

Character pictures are fun. It's nice to pick your own little cast, almost like making your own movie, you know? So if you hate character pics, then don't look at the list. But then again, it's really hard not to.

Okay, let's move on to picking the characters. I admit I'm guilty for doing this but I just want to point it out (well, it was already pointed out plenty of times in the past) how every book seem to have such beautiful characters. Believe me, I cringe whenever I do that with my characters. For me, I think they're okay as long as they have flaws. Because that's how it is in real life. People have flaws. Lots and lots of flaws. They may be beautiful but they're not as perfect as you imagined them to be.

Hmmm.... what else?

Oh yeah, like when you're a new writer for example and you choose celebs that looks waaaaaay older than your average seventeen year old. I cringe when I think of that because I'm guilty of that, too. But I try my best to pick the best ones that fit the characters in my mind.

Like some stories back in booksie, whenever I come across a character sheet, I see the main male character who's about 16 years old with a body builder's frame! Bulging muscles with popping veins all over! I'm like OMG, seriously? I don't think I've seen one 16 year old that looks like that.

They're 16, NOT 30!

Sorry, I'm just pointing it out. It's just so unrealistic you know?

Whenever I'm in my car, waiting for my son to come out of his class, I always look at the high school kids that passes by. Sure, some of them can look like Abercrombie models but majority of them are just skinny as toothpicks with their sagging pants and skateboards.

So when it comes to picking your cast, I think it's alright to pick an image of a guy/girl that looks a little over their age just as long as they don't look like bodybuilders (those really huge ones) please, don't even go there. Remember, It's ok to pick a character with a little muscle. Just ... not too much muscle.

Speaking of too much. People sometimes overdo it. In the past, I've seen newbies (even populars) choose the same popular celebrities to portray their MMC/MFC's. I admit, I'm guilty of this one. There's a huge selection of people to choose from in Hollywood. Even when it comes to models. It gets boring later on. I admit, I get so excited whenever I see that certain celeb playing the part, but after awhile when I see the same celeb playing the lead in every book I see, I lose interest.

It's best to pick an unknown cast, especially for the lead characters. But it's also advisable to mix them up, popular or not. It's all up to you. Have fun choosing your characters. Also Keep in mind, that just because you chose a hot celebrity as your main character doesn't mean you'll get popular overnight. Choosing popular celebs for your cast doesn't guarantee an overnight success. It still grinds down to having a great well written story.

I'm baaaaaaaack!

OMG! I can't believe I've been MIA from this little home of mine. Has it been that long? This is just... I don't know. But I've been very busy with other things. There has been so many changes with a lot of my accounts online. Some were deactivated so I had to activate everything and change passwords and whatnot. It's just been so crazy lately. I missed my little web home so much. I decided to get back into paid advertising and of course blog about everything that has been happening to me the past few months. There is so much to share and I regret not sharing it with you guys. I doubt anyone's still reading this blog, but oh well... If you're new, hello to you! Kindly leave a print so I know you dropped by. :) It's about 1 AM and I'm still stuck in front of my laptop, trying to put myself to sleep. But before anything I need to check out this teflon hose I saw over at www.dftcorp.com. I might recommend it to my sister-in-law, maybe she might be interested in it.

Anyways, I gotta go.

I'll promise more juicy posts to make up for the months I've missed on this website.

another post!

Before I blab about "Breaking dawn" I want to check this site out. It's a site where you can purchase riding boots. Well, I don't know anybody who owns a horse but if you do have them check that site out, maybe they can find something there, you know. Aww, I wish I had a horse, but then I know it costs a fortune to buy one horse. Isn't one horse cost like a million? Oh my goodness. That's pretty pricey. Well anyways, like what I was saying earlier from this post, Breaking dawn is about to premier tonight! Yep... sadly, I no longer love Twilight. Yeah, you got that right, I got sick of it! I'm not a hater though, so don't be hatin'. :) More on that later, peeps.

I hate debt

Seriously, I do. But I guess that's part of life? No matter what we do, debt will always be there to haunt us. I feel bad for people who max out their credit cards just to buy the best goods in town. Hey, you go walking around with a three thousand dollar designer handbag not to mention you also bought two other designer handbags that is still kept in your closet but you're stuck in a rut trying hard to find ways to pay for your credit cards. I'm so lucky I don't have that obsession or else what will the husband do to me? Other people end up in divorce because of debt. Debt is a serious plague and everywhere I go people seem to talk about it all the time. People who are serious to get their debt straightened out they consider to try Debt counseling. I think it's the best way to help them fix their debt especially to those who are in a serious one.

Macanudo cigars

I remember back in Hawaii, in the Navy housing we had a neighbor who smoked cigars and every time I came home at night from work I would smell it even from afar, it was just horrible. Well, I don't want to sound like a meanie or anything but that's how I feel about cigarettes and cigars. I'm glad the husband doesn't smoke those. If you do have friends or family members who are very fond of cigars, I recommend macanudo cigars, it would be a great gift for any birthday event. Right now, I don't know anyone who smoke cigars in my family so maybe someday when I come across a friend who does, I know where to get the best ones. Okay, I'll talk to you guys later again, I still need to finish some stuff offline. So, see ya guys! :) xoxo kitty

shopping spree for moi

OH MY GOSH! Christmas is just around the corner and do you know what that means? SHOPPING! Endless shopping. Ever since I became a military dependent I have been shopping all the time, well, shopping for some bargain deals that is! Lately I have been sticking to my budget and stopped shopping for awhile. Ever since hubby moved to Colorado our expenses have skyrocketed, he had to buy his own car, pay his own rent, car insurance, etc. While I have my own expenses here, too instead of paying just one rent, you know what I'm saying? That's why for the meantime, we need to slash our bills. So right now, I'm thinking of going to Victoria's secret, because look at what I found! victoria’s secret coupons. oh yea, I'm so happy! I am addicted to VS, for reals! :) Now, I need to check out some great deals so maybe I can use the coupons for some early shopping. WOO HOO! HAPPY SHOPPING TO ME! xoxo Kitty


EEEP! I can't believe this!!! My last post was around 7 months ago?? Has it been that long?? I am soooooo sorry, everyone (If there are still people reading my blog) I kinda abandoned my blog for awhile because I was too busy with offline life (as always) and I am sucked into the world of booksie. Don't know what it is? search it and find me! That's where I usually hang out. But I was kinda missing my blog and I need to revamp this one day and promise to stick with frequent blogging. The reason why I went on a little (ok, long) hiatus is because I got so tired of posting here and I needed inspiration elsewhere. I think I need to start scrapping again... I'll tell you guys everything that has been happening for the past 7 months! Golly gee, I can't believe my eyes when I saw the last time I posted. :( terribly sorry for that. It feels good to be back again. Ahh, well to start off my day, I need to check out this website about casters. Hope you guys have a lovely day!!! TE AMO! xoxo Kitty

little toys everywhere

So I was fixing the room, cleaning it up a little bit when I realized there were lots of toys under the bed! I gathered them all up and secured them all in a plastic bag. I swear, when you have kids toys will be everywhere. I suddenly remembered when I was a kid, me and my brother would play and we would have a trunk full of toys that we would make a small town out of it and we would play for hours. So when I want to get mad at my son, I suddenly realized that I was once a kid. And I'm still a kid, I'm a kid at heart. So toys everywhere in the room is expected. What more if there's a baby in the house, right? Oh, goodness!

Solar powered lights

I love how technology nowadays can be so helpful with just about everything. Whenever I go to expo meetings, I enjoy looking at new inventions because, seriously it just blows the mind. Very entertaining and yet it can be very helpful with our everyday lives. One that really amazes me are solar powered homes and solar powered street lights as well. It's pretty amazing how they came up with this, you know. I've read about this one and compared to regular street lights that need a lot things to secure one in place like trenching and wiring unlike Solar powered lights do not need any of those! Just think, if everything in this world is using Solar powered lights, you can just imagine the energy we will be saving. Very eco friendly if you ask me. One day, maybe I can afford one for my home as well. I have also watched TV shows about Solar power, and most families say it was really worth the investment and they saved a lot in a year! wow, that is truly awesome.

A USB you'll love

I remember browsing some custom usb drives last year for my husband's gift, but I couldn't find anything that he would love though. It's really amazing how lots of stuff can be customized nowadays, You can have pretty much anything printed on the USB, like for example when you have a business, or maybe you want it as giveaways for friends, any logo you have in mind would be printed on the USB itself. I'm thinking of something great to give to my nephew or niece, they would sure love it. I'm going to check it out right now see what else they have.

Cyn's got a contest!!

Ok, so I just finished reading fairy tale by Cyn Balog today but I will be blabbing about it later on m next post, I just want to let you guys know that she is having a contest over at her blog: CLICK HERE.

I loooooove her book! It's just amazing!! So if you're a bookworm, head on over there right now! ;)

A magical night of your life

You know what... I miss high school. I really do. Why? It's because that's where all the excitement happens. Being a teenager was the greatest thing, just minus out the school, peer pressure and curfew hehee.. I love how you get to spend a lot of time with friends doing homework, club events, Intramurals, competitions, and oh let's not forget the magical event of all - PROM! I only got to experience prom once and it wasn't that spectacular, actually - we weren't allowed outsiders, so we ended up dates which mean our regular boy classmates were our partners for the Rigodon de honor. I always imagined a fun filled extravagant prom night, thanks to the books and the Archie comics I used to read which tackles prom nights and some other school dances. My niece is a number one prom queen. She has been into, what 4 or 5 proms I think? Lucky! And her closet has an assortment of prom dresses because my niece refuses to wear the same thing the second time. So that got me thinking... I think I don't ever wanna conceive a girl, because that's how they will be (who am I kidding? I was totally the same!) hahaa!

my fortune cookie says...

Ohh, dear fortune cookie - I believe ya! :D In due time, God will give me that time!

A new phone

So Santa was very generous and got me a new phone because I was such a good girl all year. He bought me the iPhone4! yay! I wasn't really expecting him to buy me a new phone since my blackberry is still in good condition, but he also offered to bringing my data plan back since we need it for our trip to South Carolina next month for my husband's graduation. I went through weeks of making a decision which phone I should get, I was supposed to get an htc phone since I've read the htc desire reviews, but the husband insisted that I get the iPhone instead, that really bummed me, but overall, I was happy with my phone. So if you're upgrading to a new phone, you might want to consider checking out the htc desire, looks pretty cool!

my poor hands

Every time I come to work my hands are always dry, cracked and rough due to handling of money and cf course the very freezing weather. I am a lotion addict, seriously. I have lots of lotion at home as well as at work. But since we deal with money every day we just suck it up. My hands return to their smoothness when I come home after a shower because I always treat them with my organic lime and shea body butter that I got from Wal-mart, they do wonders. But of course that's only for home, whenever I handle money since it has some kind of acids in it our hands aren't safe from drying. And since we also handle some small machines like that coin wrapping machine we have, when it jams we try our best to make it work again, that only means one thing - reaching inside that sometimes scrapes our skin when we are not careful. Maybe I'll just buy myself some work gloves save myself from cutting myself since I do get scrapes and splinters, that will do it.

Shopping, shopping, shopping!

I can't believe I forgot to make a last post for 2010! bummer!! Oh well, this will be my first post for the year then. So sorry to be MIA for so long, hubby was home for their Christmas Exodus I had to spend time with him as much as possible before he heads back to basic training. All we did the past 2 weeks was bonding non-stop. It was just great! And yes, hubby was a bit generous - all we did was go shopping! I've been a very good girl so Santa had fulfilled my wishes. More on that on my next post. Today, we were at fashion valley mall and hubby bought me another pair of light gray suede boots that was on sale! 10 bucks off the regular price, oh yeah! Last week he just bought me a pair of black suede boots. I just wish I can have more closet space, you know. Women cannot have enough shoes and boots! And clothes. hahaaa! We were at Las Americas factory outlet (just by the Mexican border) we went to shop for shoes, because he had to get new running shoes, I was supposed to get some shape ups but I figured I needed new running shoes, too so we ended up at New balance instead, all 30% off! Anyway, I still want to get my own mbt shoes, they are just so in nowadays and very important to the body, too. I'll be getting a pair The next time I shop. We'll see.

bitten by the book bug

My husband left for training last November 7, 2010. And from there it all started out one night while grocery shopping at Ralphs. I went to the book section to see something new. I happen to stumbled upon Kelley Armstrong's women of the otherworld. I read the preview in the back and I was like witches? Okay, this would do - I am very tired of reading about vampires. Time for a change. After that, I bought the second one called Industrial magic and I just fell in love with the characters of the witch Paige Winterbourne and her lawyer boyfriend and sorcerer Lucas Cortez. I didn't start off with Elena Michaels (the werewolf) in Bitten, that can wait.

So far, I went to the library and borrowed a lot of books, I had finished The fallen by Thomas Sniegoski, need to get on book 2 when I get a chance. The following books are also about fallen angels, I'm on my fourth angel book right now called fallen by Lauren Kate, so far it's getting better and better. I'm so addicted reading angel love stories. It just makes me fall in love all over again and reading makes my days go by faster so I can see my husband again. He's coming tomorrow for a christmas break and he'll be flying back by January 3. Then I'll see him by February 4 on his graduation day! yay! Anyhoo, back to the books. I recommend all of these great reads. I'm sure sucked into the supernatural world. I fell in love with the characters Patch Cipriano and Nora Grey in hush, hush and Crescendo, Xavier Woods and Bethany Church in Halo (Alexandra Adornetto is an amazing writer and she's only 18!), and Luce Price and Daniel Grigori in Fallen. (sigh) I wish they would make movie adaptations of all these books... I'll be waiting. In fact I had imagined the cast for 3 of these books and I'll tackle that when I get back. I'm reading everywhere when I have time, like at lunch break, at school waiting for my son to get out, at night before I go to bed. I'm currently at Fallen right now, and I just started with ghostgirl and Personal Demon. I'll be getting the second book of The fallen and I'll be reading Torment the sequel of Fallen. Sounds tiring, huh? I don't know what is up but I seem to be bitten by the book bug! So far reading 7 books in a month is a top record for me. When I read a book I usually take my time and reach at least a week or two to finish it. But ever since hubby left I've been reading left and right. That's why I'm thinking of just getting an ebook reader so I can take it away wherever I go. Kindle, iPad, pandigital or Sony reader?

Ta-ta for now!

baby joy

Every time I drop by at the department store, the grocery store, all I see are baby stuff! I am baby crazy now, just by looking at all those cute little outfits, the cribs, pillows, toys, diapers, wipes... I do miss having a baby. When time comes, I'll be ready. And of course when the day comes I'll make sure I make my own birth announcement. It's quite exciting since I didn't get to experience that before with my son. There are plenty of online stores that make birth announcements for you if you don't know how to do them. Might as well leave it to the pros, right? Everybody I know are either pregnant or had given birth recently. It's so unfair... But at the same time, God is good he is doing this for a reason. Family planning is what all it takes. The thought of having a new baby in the house just excites me, the pitter patter of little feet.... I can just imagine having a new lil rascal with us.

busy bee...

I was at the mall today and tried completing my Christmas shopping list. My Christmas cards weren't mailed yet, I'll try to remind myself to drop it in the mailbox tomorrow, Christmas is just about a week away! The past few days was tiring. I had to clean our room and throw spam mail away and some other junk we have in the room. yesterday, I started laundry in the morning and ended at night around 10 pm. Today I visited my mom and gave her gift, I just hope she likes it. A simple gift from us. What's also keeping me busy besides from work and family? reading books. Ever since the husband left for Army basic training the bookworm in me had awaken. Anyways, back to my shopping escapade - I was browsing through all the cell phones in the market and I'm so confused if I'm getting myself a cellphone, a DSLR or maybe an ebook reader? Tough choice. I still love my blackberry, I'm contented with it and I don't care if I don't have any data plan. It will save me extra thirty bucks a month. I was eyeing the iPhone4 but something tells me I don't need that just yet. Now, a DSLR... I'm still ok not having one just yet... but the thought of my husband graduating from basic training next year by February, it would really give me great shots of the hubby. Oh, man I'm torn!

Books, books and more books!

I'm still thinking if I want to get an iPad or some cheap ebook reader. What do you think, guys? What's the best ebook reader you recommend for me? I love reading books and I just wish I can take them all with me wherever I go. I can't keep on buying books because it's expensive, after reading the book it will only occupy space in the house, so I'm still debating on that. Now, the library is great... but The book is always checked out! Like today, I was searching for the first books of Kelley Armstrong, turns out they only have a few. I was searching for the other books like Fallen by Lauren Kate, it was checked out, too. Irritating. So I borrowed a few supernatural themed books and some chapter books for Nathan. After Twilight, I have moved on to other books and authors, still addicted to supernaturals... so this is my list:

Kelley Armstrong

1. Bitten
2. Stolen
3. Dime store magic (finished)
4. Industrial Magic (almost done)
5. haunted
6. Broken(I have it!)
7. No humans involved
8. Personal demon(I have it!)
9. living with the dead
10. frostbitten
11. Waking the witch
12. Spellbound

Lauren Kate

1. Fallen
(ebook) 2. Torment

Thomas Sniegoski

1. The fallen1
2. The fallen2

Cate Tiernan's Sweep series

Witch and Wizard

Alyson Noel's The immortals series
P.C. Cast's House of night series

I just realized that most books today are about supernaturals. And the covers. OH YES the covers! Very familiar.... They all look like Stephenie Meyer's book covers! They seem to be doing piggyback rides to twilight's success. Hmmm... I can't wait to read all of them, I wish I had a lot of time in a day. I could just read all day if I have to. I am also starting to read "Nightlight, A parody" I'm pretty sure I'll be laughing my heart out on this one. (LOL) I have finished reading Dime store magic and almost done on Industrial magic, I just fell in love with the characters of Paige Winterbourne and Lucas Cortez... aww, dear Lucas. I hope someday, they would make these books into movies. There's a rumor out saying that Angelina Jolie will be playing Elena Michaels as a werewolf. I'm not feeling her at all. She looks more like "Eve Levine", half demon. If you haven't read Kelley Armstrong's books, please do so, they're so great!

hate zits

I'm reading therapores reviews at this website called acnetreatmentguide.org. My skin is like going haywire, especially in the chin area, I really don't know what is up with my skin. Oh yeah, I have the answer. Lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor diet. (sigh) I don't even want to talk about it. I feel terrible! I wish I can find a good solution to my skin, I want my clear skin back! Ever since the hubby left my skin started breaking out. I am almost in the end of my monthly cycle and I have a tiny zit close to the bridge of my nose. hate them! I just want to zap them. Too bad I can't really do anything right now but to wait until it clears up again. Boo me. Let me go back and start reading their reviews again, maybe It will help me find a good product to treat my acne.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I can't believe I actually missed my first December post. Bummer. SO what's up, people? How did your thanksgiving go? I am pretty sure you guys stuffed yourselves, as usual. We actually did, too. We spent Thanksgiving at our aunt's place and it was just great! I love spending time with my hubby's relatives, they're just so warm and friendly, I don't really have those close family ties on my mom's side of the family. Why? Because we're all spread out around the world. The last time we had a get together with families are back then when we were little, around the 90's. Now, I get to enjoy the Love with my hubby's side. We had Turkey, honey baked ham, roast beef... yummy! And some Filipino desserts as well. The kids played with their Nerf guns, they always had a Nerf war happening over there. Sadly, it was an incomplete gathering. Some couldn't make it because of being busy, hubby's cousin was deployed, my hubby was at basic training, but we prayed for them, that's what's important. :) Well, the next day was Black Friday, but unfortunately I couldn't go shopping! Well, I had work the next day I didn't want to wake up so early in the morning and wait in line for hours... no way!! I was kind of sad that I didn't go, I missed out on a lot of great stuff that's for sure.

So sexy!

Uhm, definitely not me. I just want to talk about how I looooove entering lingerie outlets at the mall, they just scream "BUY ME!" But too bad, I can't. I only settle down for some cute and girly underwear, those are one of my fetishes. I am obsessed with girly stuff, seriously. Hubby just rolls his eyes at me. :) I can't wait to purchase some for myself, you know the whole shebang? Come on now, all girls love it! But of course, It's only reserved for my hubby dearest. My goodness, I feel so awkward talking about all these lingerie talk. I'm going to browse some more. Speaking of hubby, He was sending me some MMS, I can't believe my stupid blackberry isn't getting any. I called AT&T about it and I found out my data plan was blocked that means even my picture messages won't go through. I was so eager to see my husband in his uniform. I asked what did he look like, and he was like, totally like A Soldier. Oh, I miss my man! :D


You have been working pretty hard all your life, you have a great job that you loved, a loving family by your side and sometimes we don't really think what's going to happen any day now. A lot of people tend to get injuries at work that makes them disabled for life. It's so sad, but true. It happens. So that's why we need a disability insurance. A lot of people up to now still get denied after presenting all the proof that they really are disabled. That's when Allsup comes in, they help you out with your disability problem, and, no - they don't provide you disability insurance, they help you get it and make the process easier and faster for you to have access to your disability benefits. If you are disabled and have no way of getting insurance, contact Allsup, they'll be glad to help you.

Lindsay Lohan's twin

Well, not really. She's Elizabeth Gillies who plays Jade from Nickelodeon's TV show Victorious. When I first saw her, I was amazed how she so much resembles Lindsay Lohan. You could put them together in a movie and they would be great as sisters on screen. One commenter said on the web that as much as she resembles Lindsay Lohan hopefully one day she doesn't follow her footsteps to the rehab. Well, I watched a few episodes of Victorious and so far she has a lot of potential. Her eyebrows just intimidates me (LOL). What's also funny today my son came to me and saw that I was browsing pictures of Elizabeth and he's like, "Is that Jade? she's hot." I'm like, a 7 year old knows what HOT means? oh, brother.

Our dreams

Me and hubby loves to daydream, and just talk about our future endlessly. When we retire, we would love to go back to the Philippines. And by that time our children would all be grown up, finished college and have their own permanent work and families of their own. Hubby said maybe we could build our own dream house, Americanized of course. Since I'm half American and half Filipina, I'd love to have my home decorations a little bit of both. I don't want it too be too modern, though I want asian contemporary pieces added as well. I looooove decorating a room, so for me that would be my biggest dream, owning a home in the Philippines where I was born and raised. Hubby added that he wants the automatic garage door like what we have here in the states, so that means we both need a garage door opener. It's very convenient, I remember back in the Philippines when I was young, families who had cars had to have someone open their garage gate for them or they would have to come down from their vehicle and open it themselves. It's really funny and complicated. So yeah, that's our dream. :)

work, work, work, baby

I'm helping my mom find work. She usually works in hotels and nursing homes. I want to see if I can apply her for some chef work somewhere, I'm pretty sure she would be OK with that since she knows how to cook. The problem is, majority of them would probably require some culinary education or background, some experience working with top chefs around the country. I don't know, we'll see if works first. A lot of people still have a hard time finding a job, and they say that the recession is over! A lot of people according to the news don't feel that the recession had gone down. I can't blame them, life is so hard nowadays. We have to be very practical when it comes to spending, and when we do have a job we need to be thankful that we do have one, so stop making comments on how boring your job is or how it's not cool enough. There are a lot of people out there seeking employment and would give an eyeteeth to have one. Just my two cents. ;)

I can't waaaaait!!!

For Harry Potter, that is!!! Too bad we can't go see it on it's first day, what a bummer. I'm off today and tomorrow so that means when it comes out I am back to work. So that means we are going to the movies around next week the 24th or the 25th.

I am so sad because Hubby won't be able to watch it with us this time. But he said that's ok, at least when we get in DVD by that time hopefully we can visit him in Texas for his MOS. So anyways, I can't believe this is the end. It has been what, a decade? Those kiddos actually grew up in front of your eyes, now after Potter I'm pretty sure it's up to them how they're going to move on. Being in Showbiz takes a lot of guts and thank goodness these kids are doing alright, so far. And I hope they would continue and don't wind up having a bad reputation like those other former child stars out there. ;)

Oh, santa baby :)

Had a great family day today. Went shopping and ate dinner at Chili's along with my sister-in-law and her son. Too bad my niece couldn't be with us, she's still at UC Irvine and her mom will pick her up later on today. We were at our son's school waiting for Nate to come out Me and hubby were talking about getting ourselves new phones, preferably the iPhone 4. It has been 2 years and I think we need an upgrade now. I told him maybe he could get me the phone around December since he'll be coming home for a 2 week christmas break. I was really having mixed emotions whether I can have an iPhone 4 or a DSLR? I'm so torn!

But hubby assured me, I will get them at the end of this year! I suppose he'll be buying me the iPhone when he gets back... Then maybe when there's an after thanksgiving sale at the Navy exchange I just might get a good deal on a DSLR, that's where my SIL bought her SLR and it was just awesome! Hubby said I need a good camera so when we come and visit him on his graduation day at Fort Jackson, South Carolina I can take awesome pictures on his special day. My mother-in-law will be coming in San Diego around January 2011 so we are just excited about it. He'll be having his AIT (advance individual training) at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. We'll also be visiting him there, too. :)

I blogged about gifts last year, It's a great feeling getting what you want on our birthday or during Christmas time. C'mon, I'm just trying to be real here, I know material things aren't all that matters, what's important is we are happy and healthy and have a complete family. Other people want to buy all their gifts at one time but I'd rather get my gifts one at a time, it's really special for waiting for that perfect gift every time there's a special day. Sure, we never run out of wish lists but there's always something to look forward to.

I've updated my wishlist below:

1. Canon DSLR
2. iPhone 4
3. iPad
4. Macbook
5. Braces
6. Home
7. MISC: Clothes, shoes and bags. :D Well,These I can always have.

fresh linens

Oh, I am so in love with this website called fine linens, Click here to check it out. It's everything linen for the fabulous homemakers out there. I can't wait to have our own place Because it's been a year now and I'm really quite excited to decorate our own place. I'm the typical mom who loves arts and crafts, I just adore visiting department stores and you usually find me at the home decor section. I find some inspiration from magazines and through the homes of my friends. I'm pretty sure you will love it, too I just love looking at linens. Let me go finish browsing the site before I head on to bed.

flush it out now

You know, I've been thinking of reading some of those colon cleanse reviews online. One of the doctors on TV explained that it's important to have our colons cleansed. Why? because this is one of the major factors why it's hard to lose weight. Sure, we do take it out at least once a day but it's still not enough getting rid of the feces and nonspecific toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. We need special cleansing products to help us flush it all out to help our intestines better and we can lose weight faster. One of my co-workers did a colon cleanse and she couldn't believe how much they took out of her. I couldn't imagine myself either. It's sure something to think about. I love my body and I need to do something about it.

My future soldier

The husband went to his recruiter yesterday morning. I actually slept for about 45 minutes, I heard my husband kept on saying that he has only 2 days left before he leaves. He's leaving the house on November 7 but he is leaving a few days later, can't disclose the exact flight date (safety purposes). The climate the past few days is just ridiculous! It was so hot, I felt my skin burning. I heard him talking to me, I went beside him and hugged him, still groggy from my afternoon nap, I lifted up my head and to me, it looks like he was crying. He wiped his eyes, he kept on saying how he's going to miss both of us, especially our son who he babysat for almost a year because he was unemployed at the time. He whispered to me that in the next few months our lives will change. We promised one another that even though our lives will change we'll still love each other no matter what. Entering the military life is not for everyone, I agreed that I will support my husband to the fullest. It's a challenge, alright.
Husbands go out on deployments and when they come home all we have to do is give them the love and support they need for protecting our country. There are lots of military husbands and wives who get suicidal because their spouses cheated on them and others couldn't stand the military life any longer. It's sad if you think about it because it does happen. Me and my husband had a heart to heart talk before he made this decision. Getting into the Army was no joke. I guess God wanted us to know that this is his fate, because believe it or not he didn't want to enter the military life long time ago ever since he was a teenager. He had a lot of opportunities in the past, but being 37, he got in! opportunity knocked one more time and he had a feeling this was his destiny. It's a new path in his life and what most people don't understand is when you get out of the military, the training you have done will benefit you and your family later on in life. My dad retired from the Navy when I was still young, so we didn't get a chance to move around like most military families do.
I cried a little bit, because we aren't used to being separate for months and months, the longest was about a week when he went to New York City for a job training. I'm quite happy because this will be a new experience for us, the excitement of moving around, I know it's not going to be peachy and it'll be hard for the kids leaving their friends, my friends, family, etc. But God will guide us and we'll always make him the center of our relationship.

diet pills, diet pills

You know, I'm still trying to find the right diet pills for me. It's hard to find diet pills that work, sometimes the market just releases them in order to make a quick buck. I know in the past I had experienced terrible side effects and seriously, diet pills aren't for me. I'm still trying to find the right one though. Hubby leaves in 12 days for basic training and I promised him while he's away I'll be giving myself my own basic training as well. It's fair enough. I need the best motivation out there, I'll try my best with losing weight. I need to lose 50 lbs more! Lately I haven't been at the gym, I need to get back in track again. Sadly, I won't be having a gym buddy anymore. I'll try my best to get into classes like Zumba and cycling. Hoping I can reach my target by next year, so wish me luck!

the past and the present

I was about to visit this website to read about stainless steel barrels when an article caught my attention called "10 worst beauty trends of the last decade". As I was reading the top ten worst beauty trends, I couldn't help but laugh at the list. Why? Because it is so true! Fake tans are like on top my list. Sadly, I dislike fake tans. Nothing beats a real tan from the great sun itself. I remember one controversial actress was so tanned her palms were so orange! Her tan was so uneven on some places, it was terrible. I so agree with the writer that the women of the past were more beautiful than the women of today. I guess people can easily get into a fad in one time or another. Luckily trends come and go, thank God for that.

Roswell vs. Twilight

Hahaa! Please don't get mad at me for comparing the two. I started watching Roswell like 2 weeks ago and I am completely hooked. I was watching a few episodes once in awhile back in Hawaii, but I wasn't really into it. Roswell started back in 1999, I was only 16 at the time and I wasn't really into those kind of shows yet. Now, after watching the complete season 3, I started the other day with season 1 and I'm still not done. Weird, I know - why did I start from season 3? Blame it on the hubby. (LOL) Anyways, I think I had caught the Roswell bug because I am so in love with the story and the characters as well. The story is based on the books Roswell High, I saw those pocketbooks at a library Once in the young adult section. I was searching for Roswell vs. Twilight articles around the net and surprisingly, there were a lot of them. I found 2 that I liked, Check them out HERE and HERE. When I started watching Season 1 I couldn't help but notice the similarities, like the lab scene, How they seem like outcasts, quiet, handsome, beautiful, savior, etc. I'm not going to elaborate the similarities anymore, Plus they are entirely different and I love both shows. If you had watched Roswell, you'll know what I mean. If you haven't watched it please do so, It's like falling in love all over again. I'm a huge twilight fan and now I'm a huge Roswell fan, too. I can't help but fall in love with the characters Max and Liz, Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby just fit their characters so well, I am soooo loving it! I just wished there were more. So sad they had to cancel it.(sigh) Would it be great if they brought it back with the original characters? I'm pretty sure it would be a hit. Everybody loves a good love story...

drat, a flat tire!

Last week, while driving to work I caught the lady from the vehicle next to me waving at me and pointing at the back of my van. I suddenly got worried and decided to stop at the shoulder. I looked at the time, I had 20 more minutes. I was just half a mile from my exit, why does this have to happen? Why now?

I walked to the very back, nothing seems to be missing. Then I saw my left tire in the back, It was so flat! I was running on a flat tire, no wonder I felt all wobbly while driving. I called my husband and he told me to call our motor club right away. I was so glad we have that roadside assistance plan at least we don't have to pay for anything. That's why it's great to have the best car insurance company, you need all the things in order to be protected, especially when you're in any car trouble, It's very important to keep your protection updated. The husband waited for the tow truck, and I used the old Camry to get to work. I was 30 minutes late. No biggie. :)

liar + user = loser

The title might give you a warning message of: "Stop! Do not proceed. Angry woman inside!"

To tell you the truth, I am upset. There was an incident the other day at work. My co-worker asked me to list down all the tasks we do inside the cash office. The next morning, I typed everything in a hurry and it was like around 4 pages. So, when I came to work she asked me for it and she took a look at it. I thought she was going to pass my work along with hers, I was supposed to pass it anyway to our supervisor. Later on that day, I was talking to another co-worker, I told her I typed some work procedures that morning and her eyes grew big, she took out a folded paper from her pocket, it turned out it was mine. She confessed that she heard my co-worker passing it to our supervisor and saying she finished it and she made some copies. I was so furious! What happened to giving credit where credit is due? She gets mad herself at people who lie to her face. Now who's doing it now? But that's OK. Everybody knows what she did. Such a shame. And don't worry, I didn't retaliate, because that's not my cup of tea. Always remember, what goes around comes around. LOL

time off for Disney

So sad, yeah... Our Deluxe annual pass will be expiring on October 31st. We canceled our Disneyland trip last week because the weather was bad. Bummer, I know. But it's OK, I heard Radiator springs Racers will be opening in 2012, We saw the construction going on while we were on top of the Ferris wheel at California adventure. We all agreed to renew our annual pass maybe a few years from now. We've had enough time to go back and forth to the happiest place on earth. We are truly blessed to live nearby. We enjoyed every minute of it, truly worth it. Me and the husband were talking about taking a vacation in Orlando when he gets back from his training. I told him it is a great idea but Maybe It's better if we saved money first for our trip, besides those theme parks will always be there no matter what, It's not like it's the end of the world, right?

no brawn here

I remember when I first started in the commissary seven years ago, We didn't have barcode scanners yet at that time in our store and years went by we were hoping they could upgrade our machines. Time after time, we would all rant about how hard it was to carry those buckets and buckets of kitty litter and bags of dog foods, and oh my goodness they are really heavy! Every time the elderly baggers try to carry heavy items I offer them help to do it myself, sometimes when I carry heavy items I feel like something had ripped inside me, I was always wishing for a barcode scanner so I can easily scan them. It was just terrible! I was younger then, about 20 years old and I was still healing from an emergency c-section months before I started at the commissary. But right now, It seems all stores have them now, which is good. It's better that way, at least you can easily do your job and check out customers as fast as you can.

my diet plan

I'm so tired hearing this word. But You know what, it will surely help me with my weight loss. I'm just waiting for the hubby to leave in November, after that I'm on my own. That means, I'm all alone now. No Gym buddy. Ugh. I can't even think about it. Once again I need to whip out my handy dandy notebook, It worked before and it will work again.

You see, keeping tabs of what you eat just controls your food intake. I had a notebook with me and I also kept a journal on my Blackberry notepad, keeping track of my weight every day. Hubby bought me a glass digital scale a few months ago and I'm quite happy with the results, better than the old school kind of scale, I sure hated that.

So, since the hubby will be on basic training, I myself will be on my own basic training as well. I want the husband to be proud of me when he sees me, I need to lose more weight so when he graduates from Basic training we might push through our plans with no regret. I just need motivation. More motivation. So good luck to me! :)
My diet will consist of seafood, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. I'll try my best to buy gluten free products, too. I won't be buying junk food anymore, either. Then since I'll be working nights every day, I'll go to the gym in the morning after dropping off the kids. On some days, I'll workout using The biggest Loser DVD called cardio max. I'm just hoping and praying this will work out for me.... wish me luck!

yummy grilled pork chops

While I'm typing this, I am so craving hubby's grilled pork chops. He made some BBQ pork chops last night, we went grocery shopping over at Sea food city by National City. It was just Delish. Yummy! My gosh, my stomach is just growling non-stop just thinking about it. Sue me for not eating when we went to Taco Bell today, I was full at the time and I only ordered a sparkling Limeade. I just want to go downstairs right now and heat up a piece of pork chop. But it's just totally wrong! The time is now 10:43 in the evening and eating at this late hour is a total NO-NO.
I received The biggest loser DVD from the mail a few days ago, I got it as a reward from my GYM points. You see, I wasn't expecting this at all - we thought we'll be having a bodybugg when we reach 24 medals. We were so upset, it was only 6 months! I had a notice from my email that we needed to choose a reward before it gets forfeited. Boo!
But anyways, I'm on round 2 so I'll try my best to answer more surveys and earn more points so when I reach the 6 month I'll have enough points for a bodybugg. YAY! Anyhoo, back to those lip smacking chops - I'll keep myself busy so I can totally forget about my hunger right now. The wolf in my stomach is hungry and needs to be stopped! (LOL)


So hubby will be leaving on November for Basic training, but he'll be back in December for vacation that's why I'm not too sad about him leaving because in a short time we'll be seeing him again and we'll all be together for Christmas and new year! isn't that great? When we were in Vegas, we dropped by Ralph Lauren and checked out some sweaters, The lady smiled at us and asked if we were OK and if we needed anything, hubby replied that we were fine and we were just looking around. He told the lady that he is just giving me hints on what to buy him for Christmas. Funny guy! Anyways, hubby won't be shopping for new clothes right now because if he does All his clothes are going to be so loose on him it won't be as nice, right? So he vowed no clothes yet until he graduates from basic training. I have to do the same thing myself, believe me I don't want to waste all my clothes now.

vacay, vacay, vacay!

For the past few days it has been raining, and I can say the weather turned cooler now, thank God. The past few weeks has been so hot I couldn't stand it, I felt like my head would explode. I hate the heat, and the sweat forming in areas I don't want them to.. ugh, terrible. Especially when I go to work, I have to put the AC on full blast. We canceled our Disneyland trip today, and we were suppose to go tomorrow, but that got canceled, too. Earlier today at four thirty AM, as I woke up I looked outside to see if it was raining. It wasn't. But the rustling of the leaves and the damp breeze sent a shiver to my spine. I told hubby we shouldn't go anymore, it might rain while were at Disneyland, it would be a waste. He agreed. Around seven thirty AM, he woke me up to a rainy morning, he was laughing. All giddy, he went back to bed and told me Mother sure knows best. He also felt that if we did continue our trip we might get into an accident. It's just an intuition. You gotta trust your Intuition. It always helps and it's not bad to follow your senses. Anyways, we just went shopping today and we had a great time driving around. Hubby dropped by his recruiter to have his weight checked, he had lost a lot of weight since he had gained weight the last 2 weeks he just went back to the gym for a few days and dropped it just like that. Amazing! Hubby is planning that we go for vacation in Florida maybe next year or maybe when the next baby comes out. I am soooo excited for sure. Maybe one day, I'm thinking about Branson Missouri vacation packages, I might have to convince hubby about this one since It will be a little pricey. I want something different for a change. I'll wait until our next child will be a little older so he/she can appreciate that vacation, I think that would be a great idea.

steer clear of Acne

I can say I am completely proud of my skin for not having a severe case of acne. I am truly grateful. Every morning when I wake up, I stare at my face for any possible skin problems, so far everything's A-OK. I do get small zits here and there, but not all at once, heavens no. I only get it when it's almost that time of the month, plus they are very small, not very noticeable. When my hormones went haywire last year, my chin was all bumpy and red and left dark spots. I was always crying because of it. When I started going to the gym last year, There was a big difference to my chin, It wasn't as red as it used to, I guess when I lost a little weight my skin pores functioned better. A lot of people suffer from severe acne problems and they usually ask how to get rid of acne? Believe me, I had tried a lot of drug store acne products but nothing lived up to it's name, seriously. Well, There are hundreds of products out there that you can actually try, It really depends on your skin. Read a lot of reviews before purchasing anything, you just never know, There might be a best one out there, just don't give up.

Vegas + My future soldier

Now that the party is over, We'll be heading to Las Vegas on the 28th of this month. We're supposed to leave on the 29th and come back on the 1st of October, but since we received a notice for the tenting and fumigation that will start on the 28th, we need to vacate the house first thing in the morning. I passed my 2 days of leave weeks ago. Hubby can't stop talking about our trip, he'll be leaving for basic training on November 7, that's why I am soooooo sad right now. I know, I know - I don't need to be sad, I have to be happy for him. It's not as bad as we thought it would be, they'll be having their Christmas break in December that means he can come home then! After that, he'll continue on until he graduates from basic training. His training will be at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. His AIT (Advanced Individual Training) Will be at Fort Sam, San Antonio, Texas. He said that We can come and visit him there, It's going to be an experience for me traveling with Nathan in another state. I guess being a military wife is not that bad, I'll probably get the hang of it. I know I'll miss him terribly but God is good and he'll provide us with the comfort and patience as well as the safety for my dear husband. He is excited to leave, not because he wants to leave us but because this is such a huge turning point for him, It's a new career after being involved in the cargo for so long. Anyways, I know he can do it. Back to our Vegas trip - I am sooo excited to visit vegas, because at the same time I'll be meeting up with my dad and my sister Athena who I hadn't seen for 7 years! :) I am thinking of what to get for them, especially for my sister, since she is a fellow Hello kitty lover, that would be so easy. I wish I have an Acer Aspire laptop, something a bit smaller and easy to carry. Since we are using my laptop bag, I have to go out and buy a cute and girly laptop sleeve to use on our Vegas trip, (sigh) There's just a lot on my list right now.

Weekly recap

I'm finally back in the blogging world for this week. I need to finish a lot of stuff online, need to upload pics and back up all my files because lately my laptop has been running very slow right now. We went to Michael's earlier this evening, my sis-in-law couldn't stop talking about how successful her daughter's debut went. She'll turn 18 on September 23rd, She had to schedule the party around September 11 instead for the convenience of her guests, which is a Saturday. And Celina would be going off to UC Irvine after her birthday anyway. I was part of her 18 candles, and I promised myself I wouldn't get emotional but lo and behold - I did! My husband's like - you made a scene! And I was like, no I didn't... It was funny, I always get emotional at weddings and birthdays, that's why I hate speaking in front of a large crowd. But seriously, I grew to love my Sis-in-law's children, they are like my own siblings, I care very much for them. I am so proud of them, and I am blessed and privileged to have met them. Celina and her mom went shopping today for her dorm stuff, but we'll get to see her every week since she'll be home in the weekends along with her laundry. She was so pretty during the party, ms. beauty and brains, We are all proud of her. I'll post a few pictures here, but complete pictures are all posted on my facebook.

my little world

It's 2:30 in the morning and I am here typing this post. Hi, Kit - how are ya? Well, I'm doing just fine, thank you. A lot has been happening and I felt like I was away for too long. I miss my bloggie. I miss the blogworld. I feel like nobody really cares about blogs anymore. Well, number one: There's facebook. I'm on it most of the time. I enjoy posting photo albums of my daily adventures, posting tidbits of what I am doing and Sharing video clips of just about anything. I still value my blog, and I plan on keeping it. It's just so good reading your previous posts from years ago, an online journal is very therapeutic and I will write as long as I live. People might just come by and say a quick hello without reading my stuff, It's still ok... It's partially my fault. I've stopped visiting blogs and stopped commenting as well. So sue me. I had given up my blogging life long time ago. I have a life, too. Sometimes we just need to be in balance. I find it so hard to believe that people can be so addicted to the internet. I still do, but I'm in balance. My eyes no longer hurt from staring at the computer screen, no more headaches either. I am concentrated more on my family and work. I guess that's life....